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I need to write formula in one cell (Like reference) and then use this formula in many different cells

So if I change the formula in the original cell, All other cells that use this formula should be changed


for example 

A1: =IF C1="X", SUM(B5:B12), "No Value"

And I want to use the same formula in Cells (Z1), (Y1), (T1)

So if I change the formula to 

A1: =IF C1="S", SUM(B1:B12), "Thank you"

All formula in Cells (Z1), (Y1), (T1) will change 

Thank you

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Can you show us some examples of the formula in A1 and the expected formulas in T1, Y1 and Z1?
The formula in A1
The expected formulas in T1, Y1 and Z1 Should be the exactly the same in (A1)
Do you need the formula or the result from A1?

If you Need the result, write =A1 as Formula in T1, Y1 and Z1

I need the formula from A1

One of the reasons for that is the H6 value is not the same  in all sheets

Sorry, but what is the logic for this need?
I have more than 50 workbook whit 15 sheets in each
All contain the same formula
I want to change the formula in one cell then it will affect on all files
I need this formula to be like a function
For example:
When you write a function in VBA, you can call it when ever you need it
Yes, you need a VBA Function, which copies the formula, open all your workbooks, paste the formula in all relevant Sheets, save the workbooks and close it.
Thats someting other thing than your first Post.

Not nice but a way is… Start the Macro Recorder and do exacly this once for all workbooks. Next time you only habe to Start the Macro.
For a cleaner Macrocode the Developer need more Info.
For example, drive, path, workbook names, and sheetnames…