Asmahan Jackson
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I need help creating a formula that will take information from particular cells if they have an X "certain people" from a list of data of students and calculate the pass rate.  


Basically if they have an X in column C, take their data from Column E, F, G.... and calculate if they passed or not.  

Is it possible? 

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kindly attach a mock-sheet, indicate there what you need.
place sample data where to do what - and expected result.
with that, people here at the forum can have a better view of your query and maybe offer some solutions.
Asmahan, to add to what Lorenzo said.
Checking column C for X is easy, please explain what you mean by "take their data".
Is it multiplying or dividing something, for example?
Also, to calculate "passed or not" we need to know the passing grade.

Thank you.  I've attached a sample document.  

So in the document at the bottom, you can see that I'm trying to figure out the students that are labeled SPED - their pass rate.  Also, the students who are labeled as ESOL, what their pass rate is as well.  I came up with a formula but its not an easy one.  A pain in the butt to copy to other spreadsheets and also it doesn't just copy, I have to fix the cell its calculating from. 

I hope this makes sense.  

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