Formula window changes to white while query is refreshing

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Hi, my spreadsheet is running a background query and every time the query is refreshing my content of the formula window goes to white which makes it impossible to read. The next time it is refreshing it turns back on and is visible. Of course I can click on any other cell to make it visible again, but that is not the way to do it. Can anyone tell me how I can solve this issue because it is starting to annoy me.

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With your permission, if I may recommend, add some information that may help others understand your issue. Additional information such as Excel version, operating system, storage medium. Any photos, if necessary, with a step-by-step description of your request. More information on this matter can be found in the inserted link.

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Add Infos:

Create, load, or edit a query in Excel (Power Query)

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I am using Excel 365 which runs on Windows10. Excel version 2208, build 15601.20538.


Herewith a screenshot of the problem which occurs.

This is how it is before the query refreshes (the formula is within the first cell in column H:



After refreshing the formula is not visible:



And after the next refresh it is back to the initial screenshot.

I did not encounter this on other spreadsheets where I have not used LET.

No idea if this has to do with the LET function by the way.

The refreshing has nothing to do with the formula at all and is related to a different worksheet.

It basically is giving the same issue on all worksheets in the spreadsheet and is related to the refreshing. As soon as I select Refresh All from the ribbon the problem occurs and I noticed that it is not only related to formulas where LET is used.


I hope this gives you some more details about the issue.