formula use to return earliest date or leave it blank

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I  need the formula that can fit into most earliest delivery date column by

a. return earliest date among Date 1 , Date 2 and Date 3.

b. return the date if only have one date among the Date 1,2,3

c. return to blank if the Date 1,2,3 column is empty.


Below are the example in table. May need expertise who can advice the suitable formula.


MaterialMost earliest Delivery DateDate 1Date 2Date 3
VL7688 30-07-21 22-10-21
PS1465 03-09-21 26-11-21
NE7853   24-09-21
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in B2 (and copy down if you don't use a Table):

=IF(COUNT(C2:E2), MIN(C2:E2), "")


As variant

thanks it works! Just a question if the data from column date 1 , 2, 3 is carry out from another excel sheet means contain formula, does the above IF +Count+Min still working?
thanks Sergei! using this formula its work to my excel sheet as well! thanks alot.


Of course, something you coul have easily checked

However, make sure the formulas involved in filling your Date1-Date3 columns return something like "" and not 0 when there's no data avail. in the other sheet, otherwise MIN will find/report the 0s

Other option is to use Sergei's formula

Thank you so much!
You're welcome. If your solution doesn't need to be shared with people not running Excel 365, Sergei's option would be the way to go IMHO. Nice day...