Formula to total up text information

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Is there a way to turn text information into a value or set up a formula to convert it into a value?

I am trying to create a pie chart to track my case acceptance in my dental office.

When each patient is seen they are entered into the spreadsheet (within this spreadsheet I have 12 workbooks for each month of the year).  There is an "Acceptance Column" and the drop down has a choice of "Scheduled", "Unscheduled" or "Completed".

How can I get excel to add up the total number of cells that have for example "Scheduled" in it and convert it into a number to use in a pie chart or just extract this information into a "Master Sheet" that I can see at a quick glance each month on this sheet. 


If there is an easier way to do what I am trying to do, I am all ears.


I hope I am making sense of what I am after.  Thank you.

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@Luci_B , you can use the COUNTIF function. See attached. 


@Luci_B Consider gathering all patient data in one single sheet and create a Pivot Table that counts patients by month and status. With a Pivot Chart you can then easily create the pie chart for the month of your choice. An example is attached.