formula to show if amounts in 3 cells are equal to each other

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I'm trying to make it obvious when a user filling a form has made an error, by returning a message in cell A5 if the amounts in cells A1, B1 and C1 are not all equal to each other.


I've tried:



neither of which worked.


I feel like this should be simple, but I can't get my Saturday brain around it. Any suggestions?

P.S. Is there a "not equal to" symbol available in excel formulas? 

Thanks in advance!

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You will need to apply an AND or OR function after the IF.

ie.) =IF(AND(A2=B2,B2=C2),TRUE,FALSE)

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@KBoccongelleshould be something more like =if(a1=b1,if(b1=c1,"n/a","required"),"required")