Formula to count cells with data within a date range between two worksheets

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Hi, I was hoping someone could help me with results between 2 worksheets in same workbook.  I am modifying a current workbook.


I am attempting to get a count of quotes (on Nikkis Working worksheet) that have a 'Deposit paid' (column AA)(shown as an amount) for each month (column AB) to appear on 'Nikki Critical Data' worksheet in 'Accepted' (column C) with an average cost of quote (column D).


Eg: 3 quotes had deposits paid in Dec 2020 with an average of $2536.00.


This would be the same for quotes completed using the 'Final Amount Invoiced' (column AM) and 'Date Paid' (column AN) in (Nikkis Working Worksheet).


Thank you

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