Formula to count Alpha Cells

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I am trying to count the number of cells that have alpha data in a column.

Column E has either RN, EN or AIN. Column F has alpha data in some rows. I would like a count of how many cells in Column F have data where Column E has RN ... or EN or AIN


I have used =COUNTIFS(E:E,"*RN*",F:F,"<>") but this only works sometimes? and I cannot use the constant $E:$E to be able to copy that formula to columns G, H I etc.





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in H1:

=SUM(COUNTIFS(E1:E10,{"rn","ain","en"}, F1:F10,"<>"))

@Susangreen15 Give a try to the following formula-




Thank you so much - I used L z. (modified just a bit) and it works perfectly - much appreciation for helping me with this
Glad this helped & Thanks for providing feedback