Formula to calculate a resolution date excluding weekends

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I am trying to calculate a target date (Case Resolution Date) in Excel.

On my excel sheet I have columns called

"Date/Time Opened"

"Time Resolution hrs"

"Time Resolution Weekdays"

Basically I would like to calculate what would be the "Case Resolution Target Date". knowing that the date should only include weekdays (5 days a week) with 8hrs business hours.

For example A case with 

Date/Time Opened: 28/02/2020

and with a Time Resolution hrs: 144 

will equal to 18 weekdays 

So the Case Resolution Target Date will be 26/03/2020

As business hours are 8hrs.

But I am not able to put a valid formula to calculate  Case Resolution Target Date

Could anyone help?

Thank you

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That could be around function


the question is when are weekends (Sat,Sun or other days) and if Time Resolution Hrs is always multiplier of 8 or not.