Formula to bring part of a cell + format number issue

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Hi all, 


I need your help in regards to below matter, I think it is an easy one but I can´t sort it out:

I need a formula to bring he "2010" from cell A1. I made a tw-steps-workaround.

1) = RIGHT(A2,8)

2) = LEFT(A3,4)

That works, but for some reason, excel brings the value in a non-number format, which does not work for me because I need to aplpy a VLOOKUP after that.

Could you please take a look into a it and let me know how can I sort this out using just one formula and fix the format issue?


Many thanks!






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You can try this formula in cell C2.




Try above formula in cell C2 if you only want one formula to extract "2010" in this example.