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Evening - I would like to set a formula to add 8 weeks from a date in another cell - I would ideally like this to turn red if it exceeds 8 weeks.  Looked online and cannot fathom it out anyone help?

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How To Add/Subtract Weeks To Date In Excel?

There are some formulas can help you add or subtract weeks to date in Excel.

Select a blank cell and type this formula =A1+7*2 into it, press Enter key and drag autofill handle over the cells which you need to apply this formula. See upper link.


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@NikolinoDE Thank you I can this a try adding *8 (for eight weeks) and replacing the cell A1 with my reference cell.  Unfortunately it fails with the error value - The blank cell has been set to date as the format so unsure why its failing.



It works for me... should see the file... or it's about a pivot table.

Attached is my example in the file.

@NikolinoDE is the correct file with the change that no error appears if the cell is empty.



Thank you I still must be doing something wrong. So My date reference is in A65 and set to 1st August 2022 - My cell where I want the formula to appear is at Q65 - I think I made the changes to do the above but for some reason its now blank. Sorry about this!
Unfortunately, without a file or a picture of the error, I can't help you further. Recommend inserting the file (without sensitive data). Or you can send me a private message (see my profile) to see where the problem might be.
One possibility would be that the date is in text and should be converted to a number.
Select the date range
Right click and select "Format Cells...".
In the Number menu, select Left Default or Number,
OK...thus the text would be converted to a number and the formula should work.