Formula that will return value of a cell based on a date in a third cell that it can then multiply

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Hi. Fairly new to excel and can't for the life of figure out the formula I need to do the following.


I want to take the date in from column A (say cell A2) and match it with the date in column D.

Then take the value in column E, next to the matching date from above, and multiply it by B2


if cell a2 = d2:d152 then multiply B2 X the value in column E matching the date in column D.


Hope that makes sense?? 

Data attached


Thanks in advance

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Opps try the attached spreadsheet. Pasted incorrectly in previous version!
So for example the result for cell A4 should be B4 (0.1952) * E6 (1.403312)


Thanks again


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I think I have worked out the answer. Seems to work:
=(INDEX($E$2:$E$155, MATCH(A2,$D$2:$D$155,0)))*B2