Formula that shows number of phone call received on certain days between certain times

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Hi Wonderful Smart Excel people

This problem is doing my head in and I hope someone out there can help!!

So, I'm looking for a formula to calculate how many telephone calls were received on a Friday, Saturday, etc. (cells B2:B1081), between specific times (e.g. 9:01:00 AM (cell F3) and 11.00:00 AM (cell G3) . Call Times are in Cells C3:C1081. Total Call Summary in Cell H3 etc. Cheers... 

I've attached a picture of the spreadsheet to hopefully make it clearer. THANK YOUCalls Received Spreadsheet ExampleCalls Received Spreadsheet Example

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I'd change the times in E3 and down to 12:00:00 AM, 7:00:00 AM etc. Same for I3 and down.

And enter 1 in F11 and J11.


In G3:




Fill down. In K3:





Fill down.

Thank you so much, Hans!! You are a legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!