Formula that can read the contents in a single cell

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Hey Guys,
I am trying to create a formula that reads the context of a single cell and tells me if it is less than 20. I did write an if statement that works but, I need one that is more complex. For instance, cell A3 contains the number 13 =IF (A2<20, "Loss", "") this tells me it is less than 20. However, if cell A2 has the contents of = 10 + 10 it will show blank per the equation above. I need an equation that can read cell A2 as less than 20 (loss) while still reading cell A3 as a loss. Can this be done?excel1.JPGexcel4.JPG


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Have you tried "IsFormula" and "FormulaText" function?
Hi Willy,
Thanks for your reply. Both these functions read the cell as 20 and not reading them as 10 and 10. The cell reads 20 but the equation in the cell is 10+10. I need a formula that can read 10+10 as less than 20. But I also need it to read the cell as greater than or equal to 20 as well. Do you have any more suggestions or do you have an example equation using the above function? I tried : =IF(FORMULATEXT(A6)<20,"loss","") A6 contained only 13 no = or equation, this did not work unfortunately


I am very sorry.  I think I misunderstood your question.