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Is there a way to separate a % dollar amount and minus dollar amount on same spreadsheet  


example is I have a fee of $495 for one client and the next is only 10% how can I put that on one spreadsheet

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Hello @srutledge,


I'm afraid you will have to clarify on your problem. In general, you can put your fee in one cell and your additional 10% fee in the next cell.



example I have certain fees to be taken out for money received. some are minus a dollar amount and some are minus 10% I wanted to create a spreadsheet that reflected the amount due if I just enter the dollar amount or the percentage without having to do the formula everytime

the minus 10% should be divided by 10%



If I am understanding correctly, that could be something like this:


@PReagan yes thats it. what line do I select to enter the formula




Cell B2 contains the formula in the formula bar. Cell C2 contains the formula:


All other values were manually entered.