Formula or VBA?

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We have an inspection report that is quite time consuming to fill in and submit and I would like to know if it is possible to set up a template of it in either word or excel and auto fill it with specific information located within a separate report (in word format) when we download it?  



Our field technicians complete onsite inspections & testing for our clients and upload the results to a web-based compliance program that can include data on literally 100ss of "devices" for any particular client. 

The basic information for our clients, name/address/phone number/contact/ set up in the office.  As the field technicians are completing their onsite inspections, they fill in specific data for each device, and upload their report for client access.  

I have the ability to download reports in word format and am looking for a way to extract specific data from them and auto-populate that information into a separate form/template for further processing on the back end.  

The word document we download contains information on all the devices inspected and each section of the report has a header indicating the type of devices, followed by tables that contain the information I need to locate and extract into a template, see below:


This particular report includes tests on 8 different devices "backflows".  I have highlighted the information I need to extract for the first device only, as an example of what information is needed.  


BFP Data_Page_1.jpg


BFP Data_Page_2.jpg


BFP Data_Page_4.jpg


Please let me know if I can give additional information or clarifications on the included information to help with any answers you may have? 


Thank you in advance for any help you are able to offer!


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Hope I could help you with these links.


For the future please include the following info to help others answer your question:

Excel version, operating system and storage medium, file (if possible) or a photo.

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