Formula moves upon enter

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I am experiencing a new issue in Microsoft Excel when entering a formula referencing another sheet in the same workbook. It would seem the formula is entered into the active cell of the referenced sheet. As an example:


Formula entered in cell A1 of Sheet 1: =Sheet2!$A$1

(active cell on sheet 2 is D1)


Upon pressing enter the formula is entered into cell D1 of Sheet 1, and cell A1 of Sheet 1 is blank. The issue is not experienced if the formula is manually typed, only when entering = then navigating to Sheet 2 and selecting cell A1 and pressing enter.





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I can't reproduce the problem.

If you select File > Account, which version and build do you see? For comparison, this is what I get:



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The issue has been resolved. The culprit was an Excel add-in called Macabacus. The developer of the add-in has been contacted for correction.


Glad you found the cause!