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This is a bit of a basic issue, but I am relatively new to Excel. I have 1 column in F, T and P. The column in F is a percent. I want to do (F*T)/P. Naturally I did =(F*T)/P, but it would always return 0. If I do F*T by itself it returns the correct value. Also something to note that the value in P is a function E-D. I was just wondering what I am inputting wrong. Thanks for the help.

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It is difficult to know exactly why it gives you 0. However, based on your definition "(F*T)P", you seem to not be accurate.


You can place the following formula in A1 and then fill it down:




Should not give you any Excel error, unless you are trying to divide something by 0 or somewhat similar, which would be then mathematically incorrect. Attaching a sample file for you to check it!


By the way; the fact that values from P come from another calculation does not matter at all with what you are trying to do :)




If you apply General format to the cell where =(F*T)/P (stay on cell, Ctrl+1), is it zero or some small number?