Formula in table doesn't calculate

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I'm running into, for me, new and unexpected behaviour in Excel online.

When creating a sum formula at the end of a row, excel doesn't calculate the sum but instead shows the formula with a dashed line around it. Pressing the enter key or F2 does not result in the required calculation. 




I did check that "show formula's" is turned off. That function toggles other formula's in the sheet as expected.

I understand the notation with the @-sign, I don't think that has a relation with the problem.


Any ideas how I can get excel to perform the calculation?





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@Jan Balje 




Thx for replying.
I created the formula by clicking on the cells. So Excel generated the notation with the semicolons (;).
When I remove the semicolons and give <enter>, Excel re-inserts the semi-colons and returns to the state as depicted in the original post.


Edit: it appears to be a problem with Excel online, because on Excel desktop app I cannot reproduce the problem. Unfortunately, security measures don't allow me to download the original excel file to my desktop.

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@Jan Balje 

That's weird. When I create such a formula in the Dutch version of Excel Online, it also inserts a semicolon - see 1.

But when I remove the semicolon, the formula works as intended - see 2.


@Jan Balje By the way, it works correctly if I refer to the entire column:




This formula will spill to the number of rows of Table1.

I failed to get this working in the table, I kept getting #SPILL errors. I'm probably missing something.
In the end I just converted the table to a range and I could do what I want in no time at all.
It's Friday afternoon, after all.
Thx for the help.