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I already have two formulas but I need to make it cover two different sources from the first tab to fill in the information in one space on the second time so if either is filled out it will auto fill in the the formula box.  How would I update that?


Formula to Utilization Column:

=IF(ISNUMBER('Department Name'!A9),"Allow Scheduling    Listed on Template",IF(OR('Department Name'!A9="N/A",'Department Name'!A9="n/a"),"DO NOT Allow Scheduling     NOT Listed on Template",IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("*",'Department Name'!A9)),"Allow Scheduling     Not Listed on Template")))


Formula for Visit Type Length Column:

=XLOOKUP('Department Name'!A13,'Department Name'!A13,'Department Name'!A13)


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You can try to modify the formulas as follows:

Formula for Utilization Column:

=IF(OR(ISNUMBER('Department Name'!A9),'AnotherTabName'!A9<>""),"Allow Scheduling Listed on Template", IF(OR('Department Name'!A9="N/A",'Department Name'!A9="n/a",'AnotherTabName'!A9="N/A",'AnotherTabName'!A9="n/a"), "DO NOT Allow Scheduling NOT Listed on Template", IF(OR(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("*",'Department Name'!A9)),ISNUMBER(SEARCH("*",'AnotherTabName'!A9))), "Allow Scheduling Not Listed on Template", "" ) ) )


Formula for Visit Type Length Column:

=IF('Department Name'!A13<>"",'Department Name'!A13,'AnotherTabName'!A13)


In the above formulas, 'AnotherTabName' represents the name of the second tab (source). You need to replace it with the actual name of the tab you are referring to.

These updated formulas will check both the 'Department Name' tab and the second tab for values and populate the information in one cell on the second tab based on the conditions you specified. If either source has a value, the formula will populate the corresponding result in the designated cell. Otherwise, it will leave the cell blank. The text and formulas was created by the AI.

Hope this will help you.

While this would have solved the problem, the team opted for a more simplified resolution. They combined the info of the two tabs as one. Thank you so much for your reply though and I will keep it on hand for future use. I love learning how to better my formulas. Thank you.