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Hey, I am looking for a formula to help me. Here is a very small example of what I am needing. There are a thousand OP# for the same set of dates but the points are different. Attached is the workbook.




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@CatherineMadden First of all, the data set with over 400K rows contains 164K rows that have texts ("0" or "Helper Col. 2/rop #") or #N/A# errors in the Points column. So, it will be difficult to make any useful summary until that's fixed.


Once you have corrected that, you can do a Pivot Table where you put the OP and Date in the Row area and the Points in Value area. Dates will probably be grouped by years, quarters and months automatically. Ungroup/expand these if you like.


I guess it was answered in another thread, isn't it? As for the formula it could be





=XLOOKUP($T$4 &"="& $S5, $B:$B &"="& $C:$C, $D:$D)