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Hi All,


I have this formula:


However I would like to add an extra bit to this which is when column G is shown as complete then I want this message to change to change the message to task completed but the rest of the original function above will need to work as it currently does.


Thank you

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=IF(G2="complete","task completed",IF(E2>=TODAY(),"",IF(ISOWEEKNUM(F2)=ISOWEEKNUM(TODAY()),"Due Today","")))

Maybe with this formula. 

@Quadruple_Pawn thank you for the above, but the original formula is not working, tasks that are due for this week are not showing due this week where as before they did


Which of the examples in the attached file doesn't work as expected? Maybe i didn't correctly understand what you want to do.

@Quadruple_Pawn I used the following formula =IF(G2="complete","task completed",IF(E2>=TODAY(),"",IF(ISOWEEKNUM(F2)=ISOWEEKNUM(TODAY()),"Due Today",""))) however this is not showing as due this week even though the task is due this week