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I am trying to write a formula for cell H3. It needs to show the sum of J3+K3+L3+M3 unless E3 is greater than or equal to 2%, then the answer needs to be zero.


This formula is working to show a zero regardless if E3 is greater or less than 2.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You didn't show the formula you are using now but try:
=IF(E3>=0.02,"0",SUMIF(E3:E3,"<.02",J3:M3)) This is what I had tried,
That first one appears to work. I am going to test it a little more. I really appreciate your help.
BTW I notice a typo in my earlier post. the 2nd option had ...L3,M3,0 when it should have been L3+M3,0
you don't need the SUMIF and that will have issues because you are checking 1 cell but looking to add 4 cells. The intend of using SUMIF would be IF a value in column A is ... then include the corresponding value in column B in the SUM...