Formula help


I need a formula to help me to fill in the blank in Sales_2. I have 20,500 bins that I need to sort out by Rows and Aisles and this is the easiest way to do this. I am familiar with countif formulas but that won't help me when I do the stock#


Any help on how copy the stock# and sales# from the first set of data would be greatly appriciated.



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Not really clear what you want but it sure sounds like a LOOKUP function. I recommend using XLOOKUP if you have a newer Excel or VLOOKUP if you still have an older version.
Yeah, a little after I posted this I figured out I needed a LOOKUP. I was trying to think how an IF/THEN statement would work but it ended up being a XLOOKUP. Thank you though, it's nice to know I chose the right thing.
I am not too sure what is required but, if it is simply a case of sorting the data on the first column, then
= SORT(Table1)
would generate the output as a dynamic range.