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Good morning,


I am trying to put a formula in to return a value and I am stumped. In my "column I" there are several dollar amounts. I want in "column L" a value returned. For example If it is $74.97 in column I then in column L it would have a value of $1.07. If it is $52.50 then return a value of $0.50. All other amounts would return a zero.

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In L2:




Fill or copy down.

Thank you Hans. It did work for the 74.97 but when colum I is 57.59 is returned zero in column L, I would like it to return 0.50


Well, you mentioned that you wanted the formula to return 0 for all values other than 74.97 and 52.50, so that's what it does...

Perhaps this will be better?