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I can not figure this out, I think I figured out to "3", but can not figure out other to make it say the other 2 (4 & 5).



  1. Use the three nested IF functions with an AND function as part of the criteria for the first IF function in cell M5.
  2. Return Yes if "PMT OK?" (cell I5), "Score OK?" (cell J5), and "Down OK?" (cell K5) are all Yes.
  3. Return "Loan too large" (without the quotes) if "PMT OK?" is No.
  4. Return "Score too low" (without the quotes) if "Score OK?" is No.
  5. Otherwise, return "Down too low" (without the quotes).
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=IF(K5="No", "Down too low", IF(J5="No", "Score too low", IF(I5="No", "Loan too large", "Yes")))