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Need some help with a formula.  As I enter in my beginning time of 8:00 my total automatically enters 16:00 without entering anything in my end time.   What formula / function do i need to wait for my total to add up after i enter in my end time?  


I have a formula in there now so if anyone can adjust that for me that would be great.  i also attached an example so you can better see what im talking about.


Thanks for your time

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Thanks for posting a sample workbook. Try this formula:



@Hans Vogelaar thank you very much Hans.  it worked.  if you can and if you have time could you explain that formula so i can learn from it?  if not no big deal, i appreciate your time already.


OR(I6="",L6="") is TRUE if either I6 or L6 is empty (or both are). So the formula




returns a blank if either cell is blank. If both cells are filled, it returns MOD(L6-I6,1).

This is the difference of L6 and I6 (i.e. hours worked), but if L3 is smaller than I6, it adds 1.

@hans Thank you very much.  wasn't sure what MOD did.