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Hi Everyone, I'm looking for the right formula here.  In one column I have the product type which is either Diesel or Def.  In another column, I have the number of gallons used for that product.  And in separate cells for the "constants" there is the price of Diesel and the price of Def.  So I need the formula to be like:  IF Column A1 equals "Diesel" (the product), multiply Column B1 (# gallons) by constant Cell C (price per gallon).  so that I can have it calculate the price for me and then add up the totals for each Diesel and Def.  Thank you in adv

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Let's say product type is in A2 and down, and gallons used in B2 and down.

Create a small lookup table, for example in K1:L3


The formula in C2 is


This can be filled down.