Formula help with true / false maybe?

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I would like to use a formula to help with our work schedule. We need to have am and pm coverage every day for 2 positions. For several weeks one of the shifts keeps getting missed about it gums up the whole works. I would like to create a command that recognizes if all positions are scheduled correctly I'll get a cell to go green or show a thumbs up. If the conditions are not met the cell would remain red. Or something to reflect positive/negative or complete and unfinished. 


Hope that makes sense, I'm attaching a few columns from our schedule for reference. I couldn't attach a file so I shifted the info to sheets so I could enter a link. You may notice that there are two gift shops but only one Front Desk. So in my scenario this would show as incomplete and we would know to correct it prior to sending it to staff.


Schedule example 



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@MorrillL Hopefully you are using Excel 365.  Attached is a sample sheet where I used the FILTER() function to create a list of the employee names that are signed up for each location.  You could use that table to highlight red if they aren't fully staffed but I think the visual there is probably enough and probably useful in other ways too.