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Hi all,


I need a bit of help with a formula, I think I'm not really on the right track with this at all but not really sure what to do.


Basically - we hire products to people. We typically take the cost of the item "Pricing!I73" multiply by the quantity "H16" and then divide it by the hire period "D7". See below.



Basically I want to return a minimum value of £10 per item, regardless of the hire period (D7), the above formula works if the quantity (H16) = 1, but as soon as the quantity increases it obviously doesn't work!


Any help on what to do would be greatly appreciated!

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@Andrew_Wood  wrote:  ``want to return a minimum value of £10 per item``


Formula looks okay for that purpose.  The syntax can be simplified as follows; but what you wrote is not wrong.  Better:  =MAX(10, Pricing!I73*H16/D7)


Explain what you mean by ``obviously doesn't work``.  What is expected for what values in I73, H16 and D7?  What is returned instead?


Perhaps you need the following, in case D7 is zero (or empty):


=IFERROR(MAX(10, Pricing!I73*H16/D7), "")


But that has nothing to do with increasing H16 beyond 1.


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