Formula help please

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Hello everyone !


For my work, i would like to create a rule for a database.


It’s for Internship agreement. I have 4 important columns:

A. for the sector

B. to indicate whether the internship is mandatory or not

C. for the total duration of the internship.

D. For remarks.


I’d like a rule like that:

When A=”1st year of psychology” and B=”Yes”, if C<120h so D=”Lack of hours”

Is it possible?




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Starting point could be

=IF((A1=”1st year of psychology”)*(B1=”Yes”), IF(C1<120,”Lack of hours”, "Lot of hours"), "Other options")


@Sergei Baklan Thanks, it works. Can I do this for the whole sheet with different values for A and C ?

Yes, sure. If above formula is in D1 just drag the cell down till end of you range.

And better to keep your criteria texts not within the formula but in another cells. Let say ”1st year of psychology” is in cell H1, when the formula will be like