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I am trying to write a formula that basically does the following:


If Cell A1 has a value of less than 3 = Fail, if cell A1 has a value more than 4 = Pass...


thats easy but I want the same formula to then check cell A2 and see if that has equaled more than 2  (but at the same time still checking that cell A1 is more than 3...  to then equal "Merit") finally then checking Cell A3 has a value more than 1 in it and to equal "Dist"


You can guess this for tracking students - so basically if a cell A1 does not meet a value more than 4 then it should not matter if value are in the other cells... 


hope that make sense to some one - ive tried a few variations and cant get it to work. 



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Microsoft has a good example about nested IF()




Close - I want to check a certain value has been reached in one cell before adding another cell value to it to then display a grade.... so basically test 1 student got a x amount then in test 2 student got x this means final grade of Y to be displayed.


Something like this?


@Peter Bartholomew 


That is also close - see attachment, Ive tried using numbers but the issue is basically if a learner fails to complete a P element but still does the M and D work they should get a fail - a simple maths formula overlooks this need to have a points in each element. 

Why dont you put your full doubt in first place?
This way is difficult to assist you because your question was not fully formulated.
Full doubt?



where 'passes' and 'merit' are names for relative references to parts of the current row.