Formula for using a balance tally as a reference on another sheet

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I have one bank account containing 2 separate funds used for fundraising purposes.
The 2 funds are represented on 2 Excel sheets. 

I want to use a formula that adds the two balances of the funds together as they change (to reflect the total balance of the account).    

I was playing with IF functions but could not figure it out.
Essentially, I'm trying to say:
On the sheet with the second fund, as you go down the balance column, if the cell has a value, take the lowest cell down the column, and add its value to the lowest cell down the column with the first fund's balance.

Thanks for any help... 

I'm using
PC/Windows 10/Office 2019   

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@GFennell Not sure I follow but perhaps like in the attached example.


Sheet1 calculated a running total of amounts and the last amount in column C is picked-up in Sheet2 as the "beginning balance" for the running total of the amounts in Sheet2.


If this makes no sense, please upload an example to clarify your intentions.




I think that will work!