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I have 6 columns representing 6 subjects

7th column is of Total marks of all the 6 subjects whereas the 8th column is of Result

The Result column should display three outputs based on the following conditions:

1) if marks in "all" 6 subjects greater than 35% :PASS

2) If marks in any of six subjects is less than 35% : PROMOTED

3) if marks in all 6 subjects is 0 : ABSENT 


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@merryashish143 I believe this formula does exactly what you ask for, though I'm not sure what want to return if not all 6 marks are blank. This one will return "Promoted" even when you only enter one mark.



Hi @merryashish143 


Try this formula




As variant

=LET( s, SORT(C2:H2,,,1), IF( SUM(s), IF( MIN(s) > 35, "Pass", "Promoted" ), "Absent" ) )

Here is another formula that seems to do the job:



Cool thing about Excel - there are all kinds of ways to do things!