Formula for Flagging Repetitive Values

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Hi Everyone


I was hoping for some advice.


Ive simlified my request below with a simple table.


I want to flag in column A with the use of a formula if a value repeats somewhere in Column B


So for example below Error Code 1, Error Code 6 appear more than once in Column B  So i want to flag it.


Ive used the term repeat :)






Another view




RAW Data


Unique or RepeatList of Error Codes
RepeatError Code 1
UniqueError Code 2
UniqueError Code 3
UniqueError Code 4
UniqueError Code 5
RepeatError Code 6
UniqueError Code 7
UniqueError Code 8
UniqueError Code 9
RepeatError Code 1
RepeatError Code 6



Appreciate any advice.





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You can use conditional formatting to get this or countifs


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