Formula for Cross-checking names on sheet 2 column A against sheet 1 cells B2:N4

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Hi guys


Can you help me with the above please? I’m a complete newbie and have tried a few searches on here to try to help me but it’s completely beyond my sphere of knowledge.


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@Bmurphy76 What exactly do you mean by "cross-checking"? Do you want to see if a name in Column A on Sheet2 exists in the C2:N4 in Sheet1? Are you looking for exact matches? Or perhaps you want to find the cell where that name occurs in Sheet1?

Perhaps C2:N4 is a table with names in the the header row (2) and you want to return a value from the third row in the table (i.e. row 4).


Depending on your Excel version, you have several functions at your disposal to "cross-check" values.



Please clarify



Thanks Riny,


I have a list of names from an organisation on sheet 2 column A and I have hotel rooms allocated to the names on sheet 1 across cells B2:N4. So I'm looking for a formula to search for their names and to give me a 'true' or 'yes' value if they've been included in the hotel room allocation to make sure I haven't missed anybody.    

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@Bmurphy76 Please see if you can get to grips with the formulae in the attached workbook, where I tried to replicate what you described.

Thanks a million for your help.

Although I couldn't copy the formula over to my file, instead I copied my data into your file and got the desired results. Many thanks for your help.