Formula for counting data points

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This should be simple :face_with_steam_from_nose:. I have a simple table with 8 columns and 75 rows. Each row  (column A) is either labeled (Practice) or left blank. Column B is given the date of the data, columns C, D, E include the data score of those dates. So, there are essentially 225 total possible data points, although not every cell has an entry. In a remote cell I have created a formula that tracks average score within the cells as an entirety. I have created another cell that tracks the average score of the cells where column A is marked practice. Using =AVERAGE(FILTER(c5:e75, $a$5:$a$75="practice")). That works perfectly. I would also like to know the exact number of data points . I tried using COUNTIF with the same format but it does not work. I have moved syntax around, tried different variations and I either get ALL the data points counted , or I get SPILL error. What am I doing wrong?

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That only counts the number of rows marked Practice. I'm trying to count the number of data points within those rows marked "Practice"


THANK YOU! With the exception of the array should be C3:E75 (date doesn't count)
Quadruple_Pawn mentioned a second option that also works and is more what I expected. =COUNT(FILTER(C5:E75, $A$5:$A$75="practice"))
ALSO works and although I thought I had tried that I must have missed something in the syntax.