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Hello- I am attempting to create a budget and have run into an issue. I have been able to create pretty simple and straight forward formulas for majority of sheet but I can't seem to figure out the correct formula for the savings portion. The budget is broken down to weekly and if  I add money to my savings (which I want to be represented by a positive number) it will be deducted from my total income for the week (total out). However, if I use money from my savings (which I want to be represented by using a negative number) I don't want it to be deducted from my weekly income, instead i want it to be deducted from my total savings (my forwarding balance).I also use a formula in my forwarding balance that is a sum of each week for the month.  I have tried to think of what may work, but I am having no luck.  I am willing to try any ideas. 

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Just wanna add that you could use the formula =IF(B2>0,-B2,0) in the savings column, where B2 is the cell containing the savings amount. This formula will deduct the savings amount from your weekly income if it's positive, but leave it as 0 if it's negative.

I've just stumbled upon this thread while browsing and I couldn't help but offer some advice. It's great to see that you're trying to create a budget and stay on top of your finances.
Have you tried using an app that helps plan finances? It might be able to simplify the process for you and provide you with some helpful tools.
As for your issue with the savings portion, have you considered using an ""if"" formula? You could set it up so that if the savings amount is positive, it deducts it from your weekly income, but if it's negative, it deducts it from your total savings.