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Hi Everybody,


currently, I am developing a tool for a client for company controlling purposes. My formulas are getting longer and longer.


Now, I have spent more than two hours looking for a comfortable formula editor - preferably as plugin - where formulas are displayed and editable in programmer's view. I did not find anything (except for some chinese guys who - for whatever reason - do not want any money for a microsoft plugin...).


Am I _really_ the only one who does not like the endless lines of Excel-formulas where you have to imagine all the interlacing, indentations and dependencies?


Can anyone suggest me an appropriate tool for that purpose. It does not have to be free. Priceless would be enough ;-). And it should work with the German version of Excel


Thank you for your time.



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I'm not sure what exactly is required. but send this link ... maybe it will help. If not, just ignore it.

Erstellen benutzerdefinierter Funktionen in Excel

I know I don't know anything (Socrates)




thanks for your reply. I was looking for a tool that would make




readable like








Maybe that explains it a litte bit better.


Perhaps I know what did you mention in the first post. I also don't know proper formatter, if you find something please share.



maybe I can help with this link.

Is in German as requested by you.




This font will enable display of Math equations created using Microsoft Equation Editor 3.0.

Install MTEXTRA.TTF (is not supported in the download, unfortunately I cannot send it to you, please download it yourself)

To install this font on a single PC:
1. Locate the MTEXTRA.TTF font file you just downloaded.
2. Right-click the font file and choose Install.


After that visit this Link


Read the instructions carefully in the first link from Microsoft, all details are described there. Hope it was this kind of editor. If not, just ignore it.

PS. The editor is only available in English, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't work with German office versions, so read it carefully.

I wish you a pleasant day.


I know I don't know anything (Socrates)


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That's equation editor, not formatter

Today is not my day, talk out of turn ... I have to pull myself together ... Thanks for the hint again.
Gotta put my thoughts together

Tried to download the editor, but without success. It appears, Error 404 Not found.