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Hello all,

Am trying to create a response in adjacent tab to option taken from drop down box with 3 options.

Have been trying IF function but not working.

Any help much appreciated.




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@Stephanie_Pap Try XLOOKUP or VLOOKUP. Have included both options in the attached file. Note that I added one more named range called "Action". This is to be consistent with your use of the named range "Status".

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Formula in english:  =IF(C2=$I$3,$J$3,IF(C2=$I$4,$J$4,IF(C2=$I$5,$J$5,"")))

Formel in Deutsch:  =WENN(C3=$I$3;$J$3;WENN(C3=$I$4;$J$4;WENN(C3=$I$5;$J$5;"")))


The example is included in the inserted file.



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Thanks @Nikolino... appreciate this so much, works perfectly.

Will keep in my arsenal! 

I was happy to help you.
You are welcome