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How do I create a formula that will automatically add an amount to a different column once it exceeds a certain dollar amount? 


For example, $300 is the limit.  Once the amount is over this limit.  I would like the new column to add any amount over $300 to the new column (as the amount due).



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Here is a small example in the attached file.

=IF(A1>=300,"Over Limit",A1)


If not what you want, please provide more detailed information,

simply step by step explanation to provide a better and more accurate solution proposal.


Thank you



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Okay, thanks for responding here's what I would like to have...

For example, my company gives me a $300 advance as petty cash, most of the time that amount is used before the end of the month. I then have to use my own money after that amount is used. I would like to have the formula to start adding any amount that I am out-of-pocket for costs after the $300. I also itemize what was spent, 8.26 for this or that... 9.99 for...

I want the formula to calculate any amount after the $300 is used as money owed to me by the company.
You can try the equation below that way it subtracts 300 from the total so anything in the positive is what the company owes you.