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Hi All,


I've created a data sheet to track my organisations work in hours across a variety of different work streams and activities. In doing so I have incorporated numerous pick lists that include formulas to work out the number of hours worked within each choice (see pic 1 for overall sheet). What I'm looking for now is a way of working out the combined totals for each row depending on the items in each list chosen (and the formula result associated with that picklist tab) (see pic 2 for example of tab that includes formula). I'm struggling to figure out a way to do this?? Any ideas or have I made this more complicated than it needs to be?


Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi @Jalinio,

Just for the context, if you use SUM in the column G in the "Delivery Formulas" sheet, the SUM should add all the values in a row.


Just universal formula, no matter the case, i.e. SUM(B12:F12).

Wouldn't that be okay?

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Hi @MarekBernolak 

Thanks for the response.


I had already done this on the second picture shown. But I now want to create another formula (in a separate tab - identified in picture 1 main tab 'project tracker') that identifies the outcome of that formula based on what items are picked in the drop lists created from the other tabs if that makes sense?


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