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For some reason I'm unable to do any formulas

This is my formula


once I press enter:


and also no average / sum etc showing at the bottom:




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all the (supposed) numbers are left-aligned, suggesting that they are text values. You may be using an English Excel to process European numbers?
@ecovonrein - it is set to general - i've never had this issue. updated my pc over the weekend and now i'm experiencing one problem after the next
could there be another way to fix this problem?
Again, I am guessing that you may normally be working with European numeric format and your Excel has switched to English number format. Either your Excel installation has changed UI language or, if you always worked in an English installation in Europe, you have lost your preferred number format. Just go into File/Options and change the decimal and 1000s seperators. (You want "." for 1k, "," for decimal by the looks of it. I cannot know your environment for sure. I am just guessing from your picture.)
There could be a circular reference.