Formula between 2 workbooks to populate cells based on matching information

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Hoping someone can help me with this as I have come to a halt with figuring out the correct (or even if this is possible) formula between 2 workbooks. I have a workbook (workbook 1) that is an export of information that I am looking to update 2 cells with information from another workbook (workbook 2) based on a different cell from workbook 1 matching a cell in workbook 2. I have tried a mixture of IF and VLOOKUP scenarios but just can't quite pin this down.


The rough workings of what I am trying to do are as follows:


If cell K2 in workbook 1 matches cell A2 in workbook 2 then populate cells F2 and H2 of workbook 1 with cells B2 and C2 of workbook 2. 


If possible I would also like to make it so that if there if no match is found it is returned as a blank and nothing changes.


Any help on this or an alternative way to do what I am trying would be much appreciated, thank you in advance!




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Not sure if worth noting but the use of row 2 on these cells is just for the first line and this will need to be something that relates to the entire workbook and something that could just be CTRL + D to fill in all