Formula bar does not display a zero at the end of a decimal numerical value 200.2 not 200.20

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I'm using an Excel database to merge to fields in a word docx file. The cells are in a designated named range to merge to the word fields. The formula bar in excel displays 200.2 instead of 200.20 The merge to word fields are pulling from the formula display instead of the numerically formatted cells. Is there a way to have the formula bar display the zero value at the end of each numerical value it displays. All other figures the do not end with a zero merge and display correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated    

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The way I'd work around this is to amend the mail merge code.


Right click on the mail merge field and select toggle Field Codesimage.png


Then edit the code like this

{ MERGEFIELD "Cost" \#,##0.00 }