Formula Bar behind ribbon in Excel for web

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For several weeks, on different computers and various sized monitors, I have been unable to access the formula bar when the ribbon is Always showing or Adjusting automatically, whether that ribbon is classic or single line. 


On the attached screen captures, you see that the formula bar is checked in the View Menu. The first image you don't see the formula bar at all, but on the second image you can see the bottom of the formula bar if it is adjusted to be 2 or more lines tall.


Any suggestions?








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I had the same problem in a worksheet and found a workaround:

- In the bugged worksheet, in "View" tab, I unchecked "Formula Bar" (I don't know if this is relevant, I was trying to see if those view and ribbon/bars options were global or file specific)

- Closed the bugged worksheet

- I went to a folder shared to me (don't know if this is relevant) and opened another worksheet. This worksheet was already working properly.

- Went into the "View" tab and checked/unchecked the "Formula Bar". Closed the file.

- Reopened the bugged worksheet. Re enabled the formula bar and it worked