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Formula automatically adjusts to grab the next cell below

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How do I program a formula to grab the next cell below so that it automatically includes that cell in the formula recalculation.  Ex) =SUM(M522+H525)-G525  Where when I insert a new row below with new data, the formula will know to go to M523 for the recalculation.  

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Can you provide some more information on the formula adjustment? Sharing a sample workbook, without any sensitive data, of what the current formula generates and what the adjusted solution should be will help 


If you copy your formula, the cell references will change automatically.

so, if  wrote your formula in  L522 =SUM(M522+H525)-G525 and you copy the formula to L523, they formula will be =SUM(M523+H526)-G526, this is called absolute references in excel



Looking for a way for the cell shown highlighted to drop down to the next cell, $534, when I enter that data.  

@Gizmo2255 The image doesn't provide much help on my end. If you can, attach the workbook or just a sheet that replicates the formulas you have to make it easier to understand