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i have one issue on one of my spreadsheets, when i double click at the cell , it doesnt autofill formula to below cells

why is that? i checked in my options its enabled for dragging & in my formulas tab its automatic calculation

what might be the issue?

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@chahine Are you clicking on the small square in the bottom right hand corner of a cell? That should work, but only if you have non-empty cells on either side of the active cell.

hello yes am clicking at the small square,
so if the cells on the right or left of the activecell are empty ,then it wont work?
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No, it won't work in that case.

Another way to copy down the formula is as below...

Say, your formula is in cell B2 and you want to copy it down up to B500, then type B2:B500 in the Address Box and hit Enter, the range B2:B500 will then be selected and then press the shortcut key Ctrl+D and the formula in B2 will be copied down up to B500. Refer to the screenshot below...


Address Box.jpg