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I am trying to figure out the formula to match a unique value across worksheets and enter a value from the 2nd sheet into the first sheet.

For example, sheets 1 and 2 contains names and addresses and I need to match the names and then enter the address from sheet 2 into sheet 1

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Without any more information than that, one can only offer very general suggestions. 


Excel has long had a function called VLOOKUP which can look in a table for a match to some ID--such as name--and then retrieve adjacent columns of data. VLOOKUP is one of the most commonly used of all the functions.


There are newer and more powerful variations on that tried and true standard.

INDEX and MATCH, used together is one example.

XLOOKUP is another.


Here's a link to a website that can explain how those functions work.


If you need further help, though, ay I suggest you come back with a sample of your actual data, just removing real names and any confidential information. Create a mockup of the way your data are arrayed.