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I have 1 workbook with massive data. My common identifier for all data is a full name (G2).

I'm searching the sheet based on one identifier (G2), but the value of that identifier is present multiple times in the worksheet because many reports have been run for this name; therefore, I'm only looking specifically for the date of one specific report with a cleared status that has been completed within 30 days of its launch date.

I need to find a specific date in column X based on these 5 criteria:

G2: identifier. "Name of person". It is present multiple times in other areas of the report.

O2: start date of report.

X:X - the completion dates of all reports. The date I'm isolating out of column X has to be more than O2 but less than o2+30 days.

AD:AD - report name. I need "On*"

W:W - report status. I need "Complete"

I've tried:

None of these formulas, the way I've written them, work. Any help is appreciated!
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Which column contains the names that we should match to the name in G2?



Please furnish a sample of your data and hard-code your expected results. Thereby, viewers of your post could suggest possible solutions!